August 12, 2014

Kenya: a new proposed bill threathens the lives of LGBT Kenyans

Kenya, the home to more than 43 million people, might now join the international list of countries where being LGBT is simply a criminal offense punishable by death.

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March 28, 2014

Kyrgyzstan introduces Russian-like anti-LGBT law

As Russian like laws spread through surrounding countries, Kyrgyzstan becomes another country to adapt similar anti-LGBT laws.

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March 27, 2014

Ethiopian legislation would make criminal sentences of LGBT 'non pardonable"

As the devastating anti-LGBT laws spread through several African countries, the Ethiopian government now proposes a new bill. The new bill would add potency to an already existing law making living as LGBT even more difficult than before.

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February 18, 2014

VIDEO: Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni announces that he will sign the anti-LGBT bill

Last Friday, the President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni announced that he is in favor of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill passed earlier by the parliament.

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California Governor signs law giving trans people easier access to updated ID documents

California Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill into law that will allow transgender people in the state easier access to changing the name and gender marker on their legal identification.

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Take action: support transgender students' school success

California's School Success and Opportunity Act is an important bill that would protect transgender students by ensuring that they can access school accommodations that affirm their gender identity, and can participate in the same sports teams and other school activities as their peers do.

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Story to Watch: New Bill to Mandate Inclusion of LGBT Youth in Federally Funded Sex-Ed Classes

Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) and Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) last week introduced the “Real Education for Healthy Youth Act,” aimed at educating teenagers about LGBT people and issues in federally funded sex education programs.

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