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Artist Spotlight: Antigone Rising

Kristen Ellis-Henderson is probably best known from her memoir Times Two, the book she wrote with her wife, Sara Ellis, about giving birth to their daughter, not to mention the kiss the two of them shared on a recent cover of Time magazine. However she's also a member of the band Antigone Rising.

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Artist Spotlight: Darren Ockert Goes Beyond the Music

2013 has been a busy year for out British-born, Miami-based dance pop artist Darren Ockert. Between launching an anti-bullying campaign and releasing a new single, Ockert is putting his talent to good use and is working hard to empower others to share their story and counteract prejudice.
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Artist Spotlight: Saucy Monky

Los Angeles based alt rock band Saucy Monky is taking their success in Ireland and the UK and bringing it back home to make an impact on the U.S. music scene.
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Artist Spotlight: AG

The 80’s-tinged sound of out lesbian singer-songwriter AG might be familiar to fans of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice, but now an upcoming project has her tackling some classic Beatles recordings.
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