Michelle Duggar spreads transphobic misinformation with calls to Arkansas voters

Not only does Michelle voice the Arkansas Family Council's and FRC's anti-LGBT bigotry and undying dedication to inciting baseless moral panic, but perhaps above all else, they have teamed up to demonstrate a complete ignorance about the issues at hand—namely, a lack of basic legal protections and respect for various members of Arkansas' community.

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LGBT Catholics & allies are being unjustly fired and have asked the Pope to talk to them about it

Signed by nine teachers who have been forced from jobs at Catholic schools for identifying as LGBT or being an ally to the community, an open letter has been delivered to the Vatican by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

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May 15, 2014

Arkansas woman follows in son's footsteps to create LGBT equality

Laura Phillips officiated the first same-sex wedding in Arkansas this past Friday, following the lead of her son Will who refused to pledge allegiance to the flag of a country that didn't allow marriage equality in 2010.

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First same-sex couple receives marriage license in Arkansas

In a historic day for Arkansas, the state's first same-sex couple received a marriage licesne this morning, following a circuit judge's ruling that Arkansas' ban on marriage equality was unconstitutional.

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Adoption advocate Bryant Huddleston speaks at Philander College

Bryant Huddleston was banned from speaking at a high school in Arkansas earlier this year for being gay and an LGBT advocate, but now is being heard at Philander Smith College.

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What has happened on the marriage front since DOMA? Lots.

Are you wondering what's been happening since the Supreme Court decision on DOMA? We wrote a blog about it before, but the change has been happening so fast, we've compiled a roundup of some of the newer exciting steps toward equality being made across the US.

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UPDATE: Lutheran Pastor Urges Ark. Newspaper to Print Gay Couple's Engagement Announcement

Though the Northwest Arkansas Times has yet to formally announce a policy change, the paper is now devoting time and space in its opinion pages to local readers who are asking them to treat all loving and committed relationships equally.

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Ask This Ark. Newspaper to Print Gay Couple's Engagement Announcement

The Northwest Arkansas Times refuses to print the engagement announcement of a gay couple, citing state law which does not legally recognize the marriages of loving and committed gay and lesbian couples. In similar situations, other newspapers have opted to stand in favor of inclusivity and against discrimination. A new petition encourages the Northwest Arkansas Times to join the ranks of those newspapers that practice inclusivity in spite of state laws that aren't quite there yet.

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