Anton Tanumihardja

Bi-National Gay Couple Fighting to Stay Together on Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day 2011, Anton Tanumihardja was en route to the airport to be deported to Indonesia when he received a last minute, temporary stay of deportation. Following a year filled with lots of ups and downs, Valentine's Day 2012 finds Anton waiting to learn the status of his "green card" application. In this blog post, we follow-up with Anton and his husband, Brian, one year after we first introduced you to the couple and their unimaginable, yet inspiring love story.

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A New Film, "Entry Denied," Exposes Inequality Faced by Binational Lesbian and Gay Couples

Entry Denied exposes the issues encountered by lesbian and gay Americans in loving, committed relationships with foreign nationals.

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Deja-vu: Brian & Anton Once Again Face Deportation Threat

Brian & Anton, a loving and committed binational gay couple from Philadelphia who faced the threat of Anton's deportation on Valentine's Day, are essentially back at square one.

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