anti-transgender bias

Trans people are protesting proposed discriminatory legislation

Across North America, legislation is targeting transgender and gender nonconforming peoples' ability to use the correct public bathroom and locker room. But, they are fighting back to attain the right to these public areas.

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Anonymous transphobic Wikipedia edits linked to an IP address in US Congress

According to reports from the Twitter account congress-edits, which tracks when anonymous Wikipedia edits are made from IP addresses associated with Congressional office buildings, someone in a US House building has been making transphobic edits to the page about Netflix series Orange is the New Black.

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Fox News' Laura Ingraham calls transition-related healthcare for transgender youth "child abuse"

Laura Ingraham, a host for Fox News, took to her radio show on Wednesday to say that providing medically necessary transition-related care to youth is "child abuse," as reported by Media Matters.

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December 6, 2013

Transgender Connecticut police officer files charges over hostile work environment

Francesca Quaranta, a transgender police officer in Middletown, Connecticut, has filed a complaint claiming her supervisors created a hostile work environment because of her gender identity.

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October 24, 2013

LAPD makes second arrest in Hollywood Blvd attack of transgender woman

The Los Angeles Police Department has made a second arrest in the brutal attack of a transgender woman on Hollywood's Walk of Fame

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Parents of Colorado trans student speak out, while California anti-trans activists campaign using fake story

After The TransAdvocate's Cristan Williams fact checked a false story claiming that a transgender student in Colorado was harassing her peers in a high school bathroom, the anti-trans Pacific Justice Institute is continuing to uphold their fabricated claims, and other anti-trans groups are using them to support a harmful campaign against transgender students in California.

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Conservative media ignores facts to "report" on false story of harassment by transgender student

FOX News, continuing its long history of anti-trans media coverage, is promoting a false story about a transgender high school student in Colorado who was allegedly harassing her peers.
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Colorado trans woman denied free breast cancer screening by state-run program

A woman in Colorado has filed a lawsuit after being denied access to a free breast cancer screenings by Women's Wellness Connection, a state-run healthcare program, simply because she is transgender.

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NY Post Denied Press Pass to GLAAD Media Awards for History of Anti-Trans Coverage #glaadawards

Today, GLAAD has denied a request for a press pass to the GLAAD Media Awards from The New York Post, due to the newspaper’s refusal to address its history of anti-transgender coverage.
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