Anti-Propaganda Law

After years of giving voice to LGBT youth, Children-404 convicted under "anti-propaganda" law

Lena Klimova, who created an online support group called for gay teens called "Children-404" in Russia, has now been convicted under Russia's "anti-propaganda" law.

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Russian LGBT community continues to hold QueerFest, despite anti-propaganda law

The recently cancelled-but-still-held-anyway World Congress of Families is not the only LGBT-related event happening in Russia. The Russian LGBT community is continuing to gather, including at the 2014 International Queer Festival, or QueerFest.

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Queer Pride Festival opens in Russia amid anti-LGBT climate

The 5th annual International Queer Pride festival Queer Fest 2013 opened on Thursday in St. Petersburg. The opening was a success, despite attempts by the author of St. Petersburg "propaganda" law Vitaly Milonov to foil the event.

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