anti-LGBT violence

Forecast for anti-LGBT violence is likely, claims anti-LGBT rainmaker

When Sally Kohn wants to see her life reflected in the media, it's understandable. When Erik Rush sews the seeds for violence against the LGBT community, it must be taken seriously.

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October 25, 2013

LGBT youth disproportionately represented among homeless youth

A report from the Center for American Progress showed LGBT youth are at a far greater risk of winding up homeless and being abused on the streets.

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NYC transgender woman dies after attack

Islan Nettles, a New York City transgender woman, has died after an attack on the early morning hours of August 17. Ms. Nettles was taken to Harlem Hospital for her injuries and, on Thursday, was taken off of life support and died.

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Facebook removes game based on anti-LGBT violence in Republic of Georgia

This week, someone created a game titled, "Call of Taburetka" in which players control a flying Christian Orthodox priest who throws stools at flying gay men, lesbians with rainbow flags, and even the evacuation buses used in Tbilisi. The game was featured on Facebook, but has since been taken down.

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Reports of more anti-LGBT attacks in New York after thousands march for violence victims

After thousands of local advocates, including GLAAD, marched through New York City's West Village in response to the recent series of alleged anti-LGBT attacks, and to mourn the murder of Mark Carson, and openly gay man of color, more attacks have been reported.

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PHOTOS: 'Take Back the Night' rally following anti-LGBT attacks in NYC

LGBT New Yorkers held a 'Take Back the Night' rally in response to a string of anti-LGBT attacks that have occurred in the last two weeks. The rally, organized by Queer Rising, brought together a diverse range of LGBT and allied people to advocate for LGBT safety.

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Community responds after anti-LGBT violence in NYC

Several LGBT organizations, city and state leaders, and everyday citizens gathered in Midtown Manhattan today to distribute fliers asking for the public’s help to identify suspects in anti-LGBT attacks last week.

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Can Arson at an LGBT-Friendly Church Get Appropriate Media Attention?

South Bloomville Christian Church was destroyed by a fire on Friday, August 17 and local authorities have determined that the blaze at the church was intentionally set.

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GLAAD Observes International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

Today is the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO). IDAHO, which is observed annually on May 17, has become a time of reflection on the state of equality and a time to take action towards furthering the well-being and legal protection of LGBT people worldwide.

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