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Italy's first trans former MP and Pussy Riot members among those arrested in Russia

Vladimir Luxuria, Europe's first openly transgender parliamentarian and former Italian MP, was detained in Sochi, Russia over the weekend under the country's anti-LGBT, so-called "propaganda law." The following day, she was detained for a second time, and left by authorities in a rural area.

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Richard Socarides of The New Yorker writes best practices for Olympic sponsors' advertising

In a piece entitled, "Advertisers' Gay-Rights Choice," The New Yorker namec companies that have remained silent and recommended ways in which they could speak out against discriminatory laws and the violence they inspire.

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"Gay Propaganda" book shares true testimonies of life and love in Russia

Russia's anti-gay "propaganda" law has sparked international discussion about its blatant, violating attempt to completely silence the LGBT community in Russia. The upcoming book Gay Propaganda, edited by Masha Gessen and Joseph Huff-Hannon, provides a platform from which those voices can be heard.

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News and social media outlets charged with violating Russia's anti-gay law

A newspaper editor, the creator of an online support group, and a ninth grade girl have faced varying punishments so far for allegedly spreading "propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships" to minors.

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