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Watch Mat Staver do a 180 on '360'

CAP-profiled Mat Staver gave a very measured defense of so-called "ex-gay" programs when on CNN, but that very same day (wearing those very same clothes) he put out a much more extreme version of his beliefs.
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NJ school drops Boy Scouts charter over 'egregious' anti-gay ban

A conservative Jewish day school in West Orange, New Jersey has announced that it will not renew its Boy Scout charter for 2013 because of the national Scouting organization’s policy banning gay and lesbian scouts and scout leaders, New Jersey Jewish News reports.
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News Media (Except Fox) Does Good Work on Bullying

Throughout October, the media did a good job covering the issues that face LGBT young people, including bullying ... with one notable exception.

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Stand Up Speak Out

Young people everywhere are taking a stand against bullying. In a movement that’s rocking the nation, young people are saying, let’s make it better – and here’s how.
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July 13, 2011

Mainstream Media Covering So-Called "Ex-Gay" Programs

So I've spent the better part of today sifting through, watching, and re-watching various clips of the mainstream media
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April 6, 2011

Joe. My. God., The Advocate, Univision and other GLAAD Media Award Recipients You Might Have Missed

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