Go Purple on October 17th for #SpiritDay

Thank you for going purple for #SpiritDay on October 17, 2013. You took a stand against bullying and showed LGBT youth that you support them.

Now that you wore purple for #SpiritDay, find more ways you can take a stand against bullying!

Check out other ways you can help support LGBT youth. Some of our partners tell us how youth, adults, or both can take action beyond Spirit Day. Take action now >>

You can still turn your profile picture purple for #SpiritDay on Facebook or Twitter, or download the "Go Purple for #SpiritDay App powered by Toyota Financial Services" for iPhone or Android to turn your pics purple and share with friends.

Latest #SpiritDay Photos and News

#SpiritDay 2013

Celebrities Support #SpiritDay

Save the date: Spirit Day 2014 will be held Thursday, October 16, 2014!

Showtime stars tweet for #SpiritDay | 10/17/13

Stars of Showtime's series have been taking a stand against bullying and sending messages of support to LGBT youth on Spirit Day. From Shameless to Nurse Jackie, cast members are tweeting anti-bullying messages to their fans.

ABC Family stars tweet their support for LGBT youth on #SpiritDay | 10/17/13

ABC Family stars from shows including The Foster's and Switched at Birth are helping to spread the word about #SpiritDay and supporting LGBT youth.

Daytime talk shows spill their support for #SpiritDay | 10/17/13

Daytime talk shows put on their purple in support of LGBT youth today in unity with tens of millions of Americans who participated in Spirit Day in a stand against bullying.

MTV and its stars rock #SpiritDay | 10/17/13

MTV has been one of the biggest supporters of Spirit Day this year, spreading the message of tolerance. The network and tons of its top musical and entertainment icons have gone purple in a show of solidarity with its young LGBT fans, letting them know that they are not alone.

Hey, it's not just celebrities going purple for #SpiritDay! | 10/17/13

It's really easy during Spirit Day to focus on the celebrities and high profile figures, but the reality is that millions of everyday people are going purple. Here's a post to highlight the everyday folk who stepped out to go purple.

TLC talent is in #SpiritDay purple to support LGBT youth | 10/17/13

Today, the stars of TLC have gone all out to spread the word about Spirit Day. Not just wearing purple, many are also tweeting, posting messages of support on Facebook, recording videos, and even giving away purple cupcakes.

Bullying severely impacts black lgbt youth | 10/17/13

Kellee Terrell's commentary, on BET.com writes that LGBT kids of color are more vulnerable to bullying.

US Senators and elected officials go purple for #SpiritDay | 10/17/13

United States Senators Richard Blumenthal and Bob Casey join the White House and other elected officials on social media by sending a message of support to LGBT youth for Spirit Day.