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#SpiritDay 2013

Celebrities Support #SpiritDay

Ask your favorite celebrities to wear purple for #SpiritDay | 10/15/13

Spirit Day is almost here, and many celebrities are already participating by wearing purple and sending messages of support to LGBT youth.

Nick Cannon's Got Spirit, pledges to go purple this #SpiritDay | 10/15/13

TV and radio personality Nick Cannon joins the constellation of Spirit Day stars.

2 cyber-bullies arrested after Florida girl's suicide | 10/15/13

Thursday is Spirit Day, when millions of people will go purple to oppose bullying and in support of LGBT youth. Recent news from around the country demonstrate how important opposing bullying is. In Miami, twelve year-old Rebecca Ann Sedwick took her own life after nearly a year of bullying by as many as 15 girls. 

Zooey Deschanel tells of being spat upon by a high school bully | 10/15/13

A high school bully humiliated Zooey Deschanel by spitting in her face between classes.

A Nevada teen is bullied and beaten in her H.S. cafeteria | 10/15/13

A 15-year-old girl was attacked and beaten during lunch at Palo Verde High School in Nevada. It is being described as a case of bullying that turned violent. The incident was caught on video. This comes days before millions of people wear purple for Spirit Day as a sign to oppose bullying.

Hangout with BOYS on #SpiritDay | 10/15/13

Editors of BOYS, a gay anthology from Thought Catalog Books, are hosting a Google Hangout in honor of Spirit Day 2013 on October 17th.

Why #SpiritDay is important: Long-term effects of bullying | 10/15/13

A new study has demonstrated the long-term effects of bullying and the importance of anti-bullying programs, such as Spirit Day, when millions of people will wear purple to oppose bullying and stand in solidarity with LGBT youth.

PACER's is going purple for #SpiritDay, and empowering youth to lead bullying prevention | 10/15/13

Launched on October 1st, PACER's WE WILL Generation is a program designed to inspire student to student engagement to lead the bullying prevention movement, and calls all students to speak out against bullying and make a positive change in their communities.