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#SpiritDay 2013

Celebrities Support #SpiritDay

Marcel Neergaard: Wearing purple can save lives | 10/16/13

Spirit Day Ambassador Marcel Neergaard writes in the Huffington Post how important Spirit Day is for him.

Logo TV going purple to support LGBT for #SpiritDay | 10/16/13

Logo TV is the latest network to commit to going purple for Spirit Day on October 17, to take a stand against bullying and show support for LGBT youth.

VIDEO: WWE Superstar Darren Young takes a stand against bullying for #SpiritDay | 10/16/13

Spirit Day ambassador Darren Young is sending a message of support to LGBT youth for Spirit Day and encouraging others to do the same. The WWE Superstar has been taking to Twitter all week to take a stand against bullying and even tweeted a video.

Comcast and NBCUniversal going purple for #SpiritDay on Oct. 17 | 10/16/13

Comcast and NBCUniversal are going purple this Thursday and getting the word out about Spirit Day to show support for LGBT youth and stand up against bullying.

Hola Ciudad Covers Spirit Day | 10/16/13

The web site Hola Ciudad is covering Spirit Day, letting its readers know, in Spanish, all about this important event, tomorrow.

Join Salon LGBTQ in Atlanta and celebrate #SpiritDay on October 17th | 10/16/13

On October 17th, Atlanta will welcome a legion of purple-clad activists, publishers, bloggers, and producers eager to participate in the Salon LGBTQ, a series of seminars devoted to discussing and developing the role of social media in the LGBT experience.

OWN to go purple for #SpiritDay leading up to night of LGBT programming on October 27 | 10/16/13

OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network is getting ready for Spirit Day, with both their on-air logo and social media channels set to go purple on Thursday, October 17 in support of LGBT youth. This is the first time that OWN has changed its logos to recognize a social initiative.

Help spread the word about #SpiritDay | 10/15/13

Now that you've gone purple for Spirit Day by changing your profile pictures on Facebook and Twitter, help us spread the word.