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#SpiritDay 2013

Celebrities Support #SpiritDay

Sundance Channel Pledges to go Purple in Support of LGBT Youth | 10/17/11

On Thursday, October 20, the Sundance Channel’s employees will participate in Spirit Day and show support for LGBT youth by wearing purple. The channel has also committed to turning its on-air logo purple for the entire day along with all of its social media logos.

Go Purple for #SpiritDay October 20: Submit your videos! | 10/15/11

This year, we are asking people to send an additional message of support by submitting videos to let the world know why they are going purple and why others should join in supporting LGBT youth and taking a stand against bullying.

Stand Up Speak Out | 10/10/11

Young people everywhere are taking a stand against bullying. In a movement that’s rocking the nation, young people are saying, let’s make it better – and here’s how.

GLAAD Calls on Allies in the Wake of Alleged Tennessee Assault | 10/05/11

A ‘Gay-Straight Alliance’ logo t-shirt prompted an alleged assault in Eastern Tennessee.  According to Sequoyah High School senior Chris Siglers, his principal, Maurice Moser, physically assaulted him after he refused to remove his GSA shirt.

Gearing Up for Spirit Day with its Founder, Brittany McMillan | 09/30/11

This October 20th will mark the second annual observation of Spirit Day, and we are once again thrilled to be teaming up with the event’s creator, 16 year-old Brittany McMillan, to raise awareness of the issues impacting LGBT young people, to highlight the need to show support, and to encourage people to “go purple!”