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Vote for Spirit Day Founder Brittany McMillan in Seventeen's Pretty Amazing Contest | 06/06/12

Spirit Day Founder Brittany McMillan is pretty amazing. If you think so, too, vote now to help get Brittany on the cover of Seventeen’s October issue and receive a $20,000 scholarship.

OMG from Yahoo! Launches "Out and Proud in Hollywood" Tab in Conjunction with the #glaadawards | 04/23/12

OMG! from Yahoo! has come out of the closet to celebrate the GLAAD Media awards. The site that gives the latest dose of celebrity goodness has created a new "Out and Proud in Hollywood" tab.

Ellen DeGeneres to Kick-off #GLAADAwards Show April 21 | 04/20/12

Ellen DeGeneres will kick-off the 23rd GLAAD Media Awards.

Arizona Superintendent Should Apologize | 10/31/11

Thursday, October 20th was Spirit Day, when millions of Americans wore purple and spoke out against bullying of LGBT youth.

Spirit Day Recap with Brittany McMillan | 10/27/11

GLAAD sits down for another round of Q&A with Spirit Day founder Brittany McMillan

America went purple for Spirit Day. Why that matters... | 10/27/11

Millions of Americans celebrated Spirit Day on October 20 by 'going purple' to stand up against bullying and send a message to LGBT youth that it's okay to be who you are.

Solidaridad Transnacional: América Latina de Morado para el Día del Espíritu | 10/26/11

En América Latina, se sumaron al Día del Espíritu organizaciones LGBT y los medios de comunicación, creando un movimiento transnacional para conmemorar la fecha.

Transnational Unity: Latin America Went Purple for Spirit Day | 10/26/11

Latin American media and LGBT organizations united to create a transnational movement to commemorate Spirit Day.