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Celebrities Support #SpiritDay

Guest Post: South Africa goes purple for #SpiritDay on 10/19 | 10/15/12

Growing up in the new South Africa, I was lucky enough to not be a victim of apartheid.

#SpiritDay Participants Fun. Partner with Rachel Antonoff to Launch The Ally Coalition for LGBT Equality | 10/15/12

Spirit Day participants Fun. are partnering with Rachel Antonoff for the launch of The Ally Coalition, a non-profit dedicated to inspiring people to take action in the movement for LGBT equality.

#SpiritDay Ambassadors Featured On HuffPost Gay Voices This Week! Read Post From Trans Advocate Janet Mock! | 10/15/12

This week, The Huffington Post's Gay Voices section will feature Spirit Day Ambassadors! Read today's piece from Janet Mock!

#SpiritDay: 19 Days of Action to stand up to bullying - Day 15, go purple now! | 10/15/12

Go purple on Facebook and Twitter by turning your profle pictures purple!

Be An Ally For LGBT Youth - GLSEN Ally Week Starts Today! | 10/15/12

Ally Week starts today! Join GLSEN and students nationwide and become an ally for LGBT youth!

Guest Post: Students at Radford University take a stand against bullying for #SpiritDay | 10/13/12

The students of Virginia’s Radford University are taking a stand and letting the community know that they don’t like bullying.

#SpiritDay: 19 Days of Action to stand up to bullying - Day 13 | 10/13/12

Get your purple American Apparel gear! On #SpiritDay, purple, the color that represents 'Spirit' on the rainbow flag, is worn in support of LGBT youth.

PepsiCo: We support #SpiritDay | 10/12/12

PepsiCo joins a growing list of companies, schools, TV shows, websites, and celebrities going purple for #SpiritDay on 10/19.