Go Social for Spirit Day

Spirit Day: Get Involved!

Ways to get involved

  1. Join #SpiritDay on Facebook

    Join the Spirit Day event on Facebook and invite your friends.

  2. Check out the Spirit Day Resource Kit

    The Spirit Day Resource Kit will help you engage the participation of your friends, colleagues, local media and public officials.

  3. Sign up to be a Spirit Day partner

    Your company or organization can sign up to be a Spirit Day partner.

  4. Donate to the Spirit Day Fund

    The Spirit Day Fund was established to support GLAAD's year-round efforts to combat bullying, support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth and garner support for and participation in the annual Spirit Day in October. Help GLAAD keep the Spirit alive by donating to the Spirit Day Fund today!

Pledge to go purple for #SpiritDay: