Liberman Broadcasting Continues Airing Anti-Gay Language and Profanity on “José Luis Sin Censura”

GLAAD and NHMC Announce Campaign to Contact National Advertisers, Unveil Video Documenting Outrageous Offenses Against Women and the LGBT Community Airing in Daytime
June 21, 2012

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Pasadena, CA, June 21, 2012 – The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) announced that they will be contacting national advertisers as part of their campaign against the show, “José Luis Sin Censura” in a joint press conference on June 21, 2012. The organizations also delivered a petition with over 3,800 signatures to Liberman Broadcasting, Inc. (LBI), which produces and distributes the program.

GLAAD and NHMC today also released a video of recent clips from the show: For photos of the petition delivery visit

Among the national advertisers that the organizations will contact are AT&T and Time Warner Cable, both of which pulled their support for the program last year, as well as McDonald’s and Dish Latino.

Yesterday, GLAAD and NHMC met with Rocky Delgadillo, former City Attorney for Los Angeles and counsel to LBI. On the call, Mr. Delgadillo revealed that LBI would stop airing the show on owned and operated stations in late September if GLAAD and NHMC would agree cease their campaign. Despite the irreparable harm the show is already doing to communities in which it airs, Mr. Delgadillo stated that advertiser support was preventing LBI from pulling the show any sooner.

This is strikingly similar to statements made by Mr. Delgadillo, on behalf of LBI, when he met with GLAAD and NHMC over six months ago. At the time, Mr. Delgadillo stated that José Luis Sin Censura would be replaced with other programming immediately. However, it continues to air.

It is also similar to commitments made by LBI executives, more than a year ago, when the GLAAD and NHMC met with LBI Chair José Liberman, his son, President and CEO Lenard Liberman, and Chief Operating Officer, Winter Horton. The Libermans apologized for anti-gay language and committed to ensuring it would no longer air. These commitments were not honored.

As recently as May 30, episodes aired in which audiences chanted “puta" ("Whore! Whore! Whore!") at a female guest, and the terms “puñal,” “maricón” and “joto” (or "f*ggot") were used. Audience members were allowed to chant “puto! puto! puto!” (or "f*ggot") at a man they thought to be gay.

The Presidents of GLAAD and NHMC will stand with members of the Latino and LGBT communities during the press conference to deliver a petition signed by over 3000 people calling for Liberman Broadcasting to address the degrading and violent content on “José Luis Sin Censura.”

"We have reached a point where it is necessary for us to take the next step in our campaign so that we can stop this damaging and disgusting material from doing further harm to our communities,” said NHMC President & CEO, Alex Nogales. “While we have attempted in good faith to encourage the Libermans to live up to their obligations as broadcasters, enough is enough. These individuals have sat across the table from us, looked us in the eyes, and made promises about what they would do to clean up their act. Instead, the show has gotten worse and we won't stop until it is off the air."

“In a time when violence against women, gay people and Latinos continues to rise, it’s unconscionable to air this kind of programming. As recently as today, we attempted to communicate with LBI but were told by their counsel that advertisers support the content,” said GLAAD President Herndon Graddick. “We disagree and feel strongly that once advertisers see how bad this programming is, they will not want to be associated with a show that regularly uses women and gay people as bait for violence and degradation.”

Despite the organizations’ joint complaint to the FCC, that regulatory agency has not taken action. The show’s offensive content continues to air during the daytime in markets throughout the country, unaltered.  “José Luis Sin Censura” is aired by Liberman Broadcasting on the EstrellaTV network.

An overview of the year-plus long campaign by GLAAD and NHMC:

  • On June 17, 2011, GLAAD and NHMC met with the principals of Liberman Broadcasting, Inc.: Chair José Liberman; his son, President and CEO Lenard Liberman; and Chief Operating Officer, Winter Horton. The Libermans own EstrellaTV Network and a number of broadcast stations across the country that air EstrellaTV, including its Los Angeles-based flagship KRCA. While representatives from LBI offered an apology for anti-LGBT content that aired on the show, they did not take immediate action, had no response to other issues raised by GLAAD and NHMC concerning the use of anti-Latino slurs or misogynistic content, and offered no proposals for how to rectify this situation.
  • In June 2011, national advertisers including AT&T and Time Warner Cable as well as affiliate stations in Miami, Florida and Wichita, Kansas pulled support for the program.
  • In April 2011, more than 30 organizations including the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), the Southern Poverty Law Center, United Church of Christ, and the Women’s Media Center, sent a letter to the FCC, urging swift action. Over 8,000 have participated in an online action to contact the FCC in support of the complaint:
  • On February 28, 2011, GLAAD and NHMC filed the original FCC complaint demonstrating that KRCA (and all of the stations that air "José Luis Sin Censura") are in violation of federal law. The complaint documented over twenty episodes that aired between June 18 and December 7, 2010, which contains images and language of the nature that is never displayed or is bleeped out of pre-taped English-language programs of the same nature, including the words  "pinche" ("f*cking" in English) and "culero" ("assf*cker"), anti-gay language, including epithets such as "puto," "maricón," "joto" and "puñal" (or "f*ggot"), anti-Latino slurs, such as "mojado" ("wetback"), and anti-female terms such as "piruja" and  "puta" ("whore"). The program frequently features blatant nudity and female guests have been shown in violent fights. Guests and audience members are often incited to engage in verbal and physical attacks. Many episodes show the audience standing and shouting anti-gay epithets and profanity at guests.

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