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Art Advisory Committee

This year's Art Advisory Committee: Peter Hay Halpert | Brian Paul Clamp, ClampArt | John Coppola | Daniel Cooney Fine Art | Bridget Donlon | Jordan Eagles | Asya Geisberg, Owner/Director, Asya Geisberg Gallery | Alexandre Gertsman | Prisca Juska Fine Art | Valerie McKenzie | Barbara Petro Escobar | Luise Ross Gallery | Irene Shum Allen, Curator & Collections Manager, Philip Johnson Glass House, National Trust for Historic Preservation | Wayne Snellen | Virginia Vergara | Joel Wachs | Bill O'Connor/ Wessel + O'Connor Fine Art

GLAAD would like to thank the support of the Art Advisory Committee. The Art Advisory Committee is made up of premier artists, foundations, and galleries from NY and other areas in the United States.

Host Committee

This year's Host Committee: Eric S. Baker & William Kapfer, Miles Bingham, John Cassese & Ken Hunt, Ali Fard, James Kleeman (Planning Committee Chair),  Michael Lanzillotta, Angelina Lippert, Matthew Schwartz (Planning Committee Chair), Ted Shields, Maxim Thorne  (Event Chair)

Friends like yourself make this event a reality; 70% of our guests learn about the event through people like you. Being a member of the Host Committee means you commit to buying your ticket to the event and you try your best to get at least 8 of your friends to purchase tickets to OUTAuction.

GLAAD provides you an email invite, Facebook and Twitter instructions in order to help you reach your goal. This is the easiest way to show your support for GLAAD, we have come up with a few incentives to reward your efforts.   

Your name will be recognized on the event promotions, official event page, and on our day of the event signage.

Host Committee incentives:

  • Host Committee members who sell at least 8 tickets to the event by 11/14, will receive a companion ticket to the event.

  • On 11/14, all Host Committee members who sell at least 10 tickets to the event, will have their pair of tickets upgraded to Platinum level (access to the Corporate/ talent area).

Download the Host Committee Form (PDF)

Planning Committee

GLAAD would like to thank our amazing planning committee, for helping us to grow the reach of this event for the last ten years.

Event Chair: Maxim Thorne

Planning Committee Co-Chairs: James Kleeman and Matthew Schwartz

Talent Committee: Marti Cummings, Bradley Moreland and Deryck Todd

Artist Outreach Committee: Khalid El Khatib, Daniel Kitchen, Rene Melchor, Anu Singh, Kristin Speranza

Event Committee Chair: Saira Toppin
Planning Committee members:
Emmy Chinelo
Nigel Holder
Adrian Ogie
Phillip Salmieri 
Shamika Yearwood-Grange

Publicity and Marketing Chair: Carlos Alvarado
Planning Committee members:
Tara Dalton
Michael Hernandez
Vadim Myasnikov
Michelle Travis