Stand with New York. I do.

Stand with New York. I do.

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New: Photos and video from July 24

Sunday, July 24, was a historic day in the Empire State as New York became the sixth – and largest – state to legally allow marriage for loving and committed gay and lesbian couples.  More than 800 couples – some together for over five decades – decided not to wait a day longer for legal recognition of their relationships, lining up across the state in order to wed on the first day that the Marriage Equality Act of 2011 took effect.

GLAAD's imprint on this monumental day was highly visible on Sunday, July 24, and will remain visible indefinitely as the most influential national and international media continue to report on the significance of marriage equality in New York.  GLAAD provided media training to many of the couples who married on July 24, couples we then pitched to numerous local, national and international media.  Included among them were Alan Miles & Drew Glick and Tiffany Peckosh & Meredith Soffrin – both of whom shared their story with GLAAD shortly after we issued a call for couples on July 13.

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GLAAD invites you to continue to stand with New York and celebrate marriage equality. Show your solidarity, stand up for New York, and change your profile picture to stand with New York. And meet some of the couples who were married in New York.

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Getting Married in New York State?

On 7.24.11 marriage equality became law in New York State. To celebrate, I LOVE NEW YORK is launching its Save the Date campaign, offering packages for weddings between same-sex couples in some of the most world-renowned travel destinations from Niagara Falls to New York City. So make your travel plans to join in the celebration this summer and beyond… because you’re getting married in New York State! Get more information.

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