Network Responsibility Index 2013

The Network Responsibility Index rates LGBT content on networks during the 2012-2013 TV season that wrapped earlier this year.

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GLAAD found FOX was the most inclusive broadcast network with 42% of primetime programming hours having included LGBT images and earning FOX a rating of Good. Each network is reviewed on a scale of Excellent, Good, Adequate, or Failing. ABC came in second place for the number of inclusive hours at 33% and also earned a score of Good. On cable, ABC Family was the most inclusive network GLAAD tracked last year with 50% of its original programming including LGBT impressions or storylines. It was followed by FX at 40%. History received a Failing grade with no LGBT images on any of its shows last season.

  • No networks received a rating of Excellent this year, indicating the need for more diverse LGBT characters and stories. 
  • Good: ABC, ABC Family, The CW, FOX, MTV, NBC, Showtime
  • Adequate: CBS, FX, HBO, TLC, TNT, USA
  • Failing: History, TBS

Download the full report


GLAAD’s annual TV reports not only propel national conversations about LGBT representation, but inform GLAAD’s own advocacy within the television industry.  GLAAD uses this yearly data to create a clearer picture of the stories and images being presented by television networks, and to encourage networks to include diverse LGBT representations within them. The next NRI and Where We Are on TV will be released in 2014.