GLAAD's Art Auction - Online Form

Event information:

Sunday, November 18, 2012
5:00pm ‐ 9:30pm
Metropolitan Pavilion
125 West 18th Street
New York, NY

Artist Submission Guidelines

We greatly appreciate your participation to support GLAAD Art Auction, formally known as OUTAuction.To maximize the value of your donation to the auction, please consider the following guidelines. Please see below, you will be able to send all the necessary information we need for your art via this online form. 

The Artist Outreach committee and our Curator seeks to identify and promote a wide variety of individual expressions and subject matter, and is not limited to LGBT content. The main criteria of GLAAD’s curatorial selection process are creativity, originality and quality.

All artworks are at the discretion of the artist, GLAAD invites artists and donors to consider submitting artwork of various themes. We encourage you to send up to three different bodies of artwork, to ensure one or more may be showcased on 11/18/12.

The Artist Outreach committee or our Curator will outreach to all artists / donors to review their art piece slated to show on the evening of 11/18/12.

Deadline to send artwork and corresponding information: October 18, 2012.

All artists will receive two tickets to attend GLAAD Art Auction. 

PLEASE NOTE: Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.

  • GLAAD designates a minimum opening bid of at least one third of the retail value (depending on the piece value), GLAAD may or may not use a suggested opening bid given by an artist.
  • GLAAD doesn’t encourage the use of reserves but will honor them.
  • GLAAD reserves the right due to merits of each individual piece, to increase its listed value.
  • In the case that your piece doesn’t sell you can elect to either allow GLAAD to reuse your piece at a future GLAAD event or schedule for the art to be picked up after GLAAD Art Auction. GLAAD will not be able to pay for any return shipping of art pieces.