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GLAAD Mourns Seattle's Danny Vega

Over the past week, Seattle’s Southside, Filipino and LGBT communities have gathered to mourn the loss of Danny Vega, an openly gay Filipino American man who died on November 27 from injuries received during a brutal attack in which he was beaten and robbed while taking a walk in his Rainier Valley neighborhood on November 15. He was 58 years old.

GLAAD Joins Ricky Martin in Urging Puerto Rican Lawmakers to Stop Anti-LGBT Amendment

The Puerto Rican Senate approved a provision to their penal code that would eliminate protections for LGBT people from their hate crimes law. currently has a petition urging the Puerto Rico House of Representatives to stop the amendment. GLAAD joins Ricky Martin in urging people to sign the petition.

GLAAD se Une a Ricky Martin en Instar a Legisladores Puertorriqueños a Detener Enmienda Anti LGBT

El Senado de Puerto Rico ha aprobado una enmienda a su código penal que eliminaría las protecciones a personas LGBT de la ley contra los crímenes de odio. Actualmente en hay una petición exhortando a la Cámara de Representantes de Puerto Rico a detener la enmienda. GLAAD se a une a Ricky Martin en instar a la gente a firmar la petición.


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