Washington Post
September 5, 2013

Just before we took off for Labor Day, but after Pat Robertson accused gay men in San Francisco of wearing rings to cut and infect unsuspecting people with AIDSI wondered if prominent Christians would ever tell the insufferable bigot to stuff it. They are. And more need to join them.

Rev. Susan Russell, an Episcopal priest from California and a past-president ofIntegrity USA, directly took me up on my challenge in a blog post on Monday. “Good people of deep faith can and do read the Bible and come to a variety of conclusions on a variety of issues,” Russell wrote on the Huffington Post. “But when the Pat Robertsons among us step over the line from respectful disagreement to incendiary diatribe — projecting onto God their own sexism, homophobia and ignorance — if we don’t speak out in rebuttal then shame on us.” She added later, “[W]e abdicate our responsibility as witnesses to God’s inclusive love every time we don’t stand up, speak up and offer an alternative to the toxic perversion of the core Christian values of love, justice and compassion.”