March 29, 2013
We must admit that our community has traveled a long journey when it comes to accepting gays and lesbians. It wasn’t that long ago that the Republican party actively had a strategy of trying to suppress the Black vote or get Blacks to vote against Democrats by placing gay marriage initiatives on ballots across the state. On Sundays in many of our churches, our ministers would stand up and speak about the evils of homosexuality from the pulpit, as if oblivious to who was sitting in the pews and the church choir. And don’t even get me started about the homophobia prevalent in a lot of hip-hop culture. But things changed. The general population seemed to move a little faster toward acceptance of gay marriage. But when President Obama came out (so to speak) last summer in favor of marriage equality, almost overnight you saw a shift among blacks. His announcement gave many the space to also evolve in their own opinions and thinking, and that is why in states like Maryland, marriage equality passed at the polls.

GLAAD promoted NOM's strategy of trying to "drive a wedge" between LGBT people and the Black community.