Washington Post
May 8, 2013
Recent events have put me at the center of a strange and troubling irony. Just as our nation is making steady progress toward embracing the rights of same-sex couples to marry, my own denomination, the United Methodist Church, continues to deny such rights to gay and lesbian persons, even within its own membership. Current marriage equality cases before the Supreme Court have received unprecedented support from the White House, prominent political leaders, public corporations and religious associations. Especially compelling is the fact that thousands of American citizens recently took to the streets in all 50 states to support same-sex marriage, declaring, as one sign put it, that “love is an awful thing to hate.” As a United Methodist clergyman, however, I am now facing charges in a possible church trial because I performed a same-sex wedding in New York City, where such marriage are fully legal.

GLAAD has been working with United Methodists working to change the church policy on LGBT people. This op-ed by Rev. Ogletree is the latest step.