Huffington Post
February 5, 2013
For a congregation to be truly inclusive, it needs to be able to welcome everyone, even those who don't want to welcome everyone. While some people question our affiliation with the Boy Scouts of America, many of our strongest LGBT advocates see our troop sponsorship as an opportunity to demonstrate that welcome to the scouts and their parents. Don't think that we accept the anti-gay policy of scouting's national organization, because we believe it diminishes the scouting program that we cherish. No matter how hard we work at the troop level to be inclusive, the national policy will push some families away. Since scouting is part of our ministry to youth, the national policy hurts our congregation. We'll gladly take scouting warts and all, but we look forward to the day when our troop can express as generous a welcome to LGBT families as our congregation does.

This Lutheran pastor joins the United Church of Christ, Presbyterians and Methodists in advocating for dropping the ban on gay scouts and leaders.

Tell the BSA to end its ban on gay scouts and members: