New York Times
August 27, 2013
Pretty much everyone in the democratic world denounced [anti-LGBT laws], which ban the adoption of Russian-born children to gay couples or anyone living in a country where marriage equality exists; allow the police to detain for 14 days foreigners suspected of being gay or even pro-gay; and classify homosexual “propaganda” as pornography. The last bit’s so broadly written that it could apply to anyone preaching tolerance. But Mr. Fischer was thrilled. “They understand that homosexual behavior is a moral evil among teenagers,” he fulminated on his radio program. He went on to say that the Russians ought to “recognize that it is a moral evil among anybody.” But he said, “at least they are ahead of us.” Mr. Fischer said, bizarrely, that he thought the Russians were motivated in part “by their Christian heritage,” which has not been a real factor in Russia since, oh, 1917. The Soviets tolerated a Russian Orthodox Church, as long as it toed the Kremlin line, but they persecuted pretty much every other religion, including evangelical Christianity. The Kremlin allows religious observance, but regulates it, and Christianity is simply irrelevant to Kremlin policy.

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