Huffington Post
October 3, 2012

If the Minnesota anti-marriage-equality amendment passes, issues like [being dropped from insurance] will only increase for Jason and me and hundreds of thousands of Minnesotans. We will have to work individually with companies that have antiquated policies regarding gay and lesbian couples. There will be no incentive for them to improve their policies as long as Minnesota does not recognize our relationships. There could even be an elimination of existing protections for same-sex couples.

In addition to providing legal cover for private-sector companies to discriminate against people like me, the proposed amendment would make 515 state protections that married heterosexual couples currently enjoy impossible for Jason and me to ever have in the future. This will harm Minnesotans. This will harm my friends. This will harm my family.

GLAAD worked with Alexander Zachary after he was featured in the Associated Press story, "What's missing from pro-gay marriage TV ads? Gays"