The Huffington Post
January 3, 2013

2012 has been a year of many ups and downs, stresses and loneliness for me as I spend the weeks away from my family. Until recently the year was ending on a down note, but you never know who is going to pick you up. After the Boston Globe article in December of 2011 the door quickly opened to telling a small part of our family story. Upon doing so there was a rush of requests to learn more about our family. It was very scary to think about the consequences of such wide-spread exposure, and in the end we turned down a long list of media requests. To continue to help others learn more about transgender youth I started to guest lecture on campus. I am often asked to lecture in the Engineering School and the Business school to introduce students to concepts and practical applications for Process Safety and Emergency Management. Now I am teaching in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Human Development to teach others about transgender youth. Go figure!