Washington State Staffer: Gay People Should 'Just Grow Their Own Food' To Deal With Discrimination

The Huffington Post
April 30, 2013

Members of Washington state's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community should be prepared to fend for themselves, according to the office of a local lawmaker who supports a bill that would allow discrimination because of sexual orientation.

Last week, Washington state Sen. Sharon Brown (R-Kennewick) introduced Senate Bill 5927, which would allow businesses in the state to deny services to individuals based on religious or philosophical differences. The bill was created as a response to an American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit filed against a florist in Richland, Wash., who had refused to provide flowers for a gay wedding and cited religious objections to homosexuality.

Currently, Washington state law forbids businesses from refusing services or goods to customers because of sexual orientation.