August 20, 2013

Our good friend and former NFL player Wade Davis has been named the new executive director of the You Can Play project. Davis has worked within the LGBT sports movement since coming out publicly on Outsports in 2012.

"I think it's powerful to have an LGBT person helping lead a movement that has, on the face of it, been primarily lead by straight people," Davis told Outsports. "I want to continue to give LGBT people voices in their own movement."

The face of the You Can Play project has been NHL scout Patrick Burke, who is straight and whose gay brother was killed in a car accident shortly after coming out publicly. Brian Kitts and Glenn Witman co-founded the organization.

You Can Play was established in the winter of 2012 to combat anti-LGBT bias in sports. You Can Play first focused on making change in the NHL. Since then, they have generated partnerships with Major League Soccer, the America East Conference and many individual teams and conferences.

Davis becomes one of the very few African-Americans to head up a national LGBT organization. He has been an educator at the Hetrick-Martin Institute since 2011.