Equality Matters
August 19, 2013

Fox News host Mike Huckabee and his guest, Capitol Resource Institute's Karen England, peddled the discredited myth that California students would be changing their identities on a whim to sneak into opposite sex restrooms and locker rooms in light of a new state law allowing transgender students access to facilities and sports teams that match their gender identities.

On the August 18 edition of Huckabee, England and Huckabee skirted a serious discussion of the bullying and discrimination encountered by transgender youth. Instead, Huckabee granted England a platform to spout ignorant ideas about how the law would affect students:

ENGLAND: This is very extreme, very radical, that they are going to let boys wake up one day, decide that they're girls, and let them have access to our restrooms and our locker rooms in all of our public schools in California. This is for kindergarteners as well as high schoolers.