July 30, 2013

Pope Francis made headlines while in Brazil yesterday, when he told followers that LGBT Catholics should not be "marginalized", and asked "who am I to judge?" Many found the Pope's comments to be groundbreaking, and possibly indicative of a massive "sea change" in the Catholic Church's views on homosexuality. Of course, Cardinal Timothy Dolan doesn't want you to get too excited. 

The New York cardinal and archbishop has a history of making anti-gay remarks. Thus, his most recent comments, which came during an interview on CBS This Morning this morning, seem almost predictable. When asked about the Pope's recent message of tolerance, Dolan insisted that Francis' comments represent lessons that the church has been teaching for years. Is that message to treat LGBT people with tolerance? Not exactly. 

“Homosexuality is not a sin, right? Homosexual acts are. Just like heterosexuality is not a sin outside of marriage, that would be sinful...While certain acts may be wrong, [Pope Francis] would always love and respect the person and treat the person with dignity and not judge them."

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