August 21, 2013

David Powers King and Michael Jensen collaborated to co-author a young adult book titled Woven, and sought out Cedar Fort Publishing & Media to publish their book. Preliminary reviews were good and Cedar Fort expected it to be a major seller once it was released on October 13th. On August 2nd, Mr. Jensen received a proof for Woven's final cover and noticed that his bio was incomplete. Specifically, the line "He lives in Salt Lake City with his boyfriend and their four dogs,” had been removed.

When Jensen reached out to Cedar Fort, the situation devolved rapidly. He was explicitly told that any mention of his boyfriend, even with the gender-neutral "partner," was forbidden as Fort Cedar did not want to damage their relationship with LDS-church–affiliated Deseret Book and Seagull.

Jensen was told he could call the owner of Cedar Fort, Lyle Mortimer, and take it up with him. During the phone conversation, Mortimer allegedly began throwing accusations of Jensen trying to destroy families with his 'agenda' and told him that God gave him a penis for a reason, eventually threatening to publish the book without either author's name or bio and that they would have to buy the rights back if they didn't want that to happen.

Cedar Fort has now canceled the publication of Woven and returned the rights to Jensen and King, who are presently trying to find another way to publish their book.

A transcript of the email conversation between Angie Workman, Michael Jensen, and Lyle Mortimer can be read at Towleroad.

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