August 19, 2013

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) views Russia’s anti-LGBT propaganda law as being “inconsistent w[ith] fundamental Olympic principles,” USOC communications chief Patrick Sandusky tweeted Friday.

The “clarification” came because the committee’s CEO, Scott Blackmun, earlier in the week said it was the USOC’s “strong desire that our athletes comply with the laws of every nation that we visit. This law is no different.”

Blackmun added that the USOC is “looking to the IOC for some leadership in this issue. They have been in discussions with the Russian authorities, so we’re awaiting for some clarification from them.”

Saying that the role of the USOC is “to make sure that our athletes are prepared to compete and aren’t distracted while they’re here,” Blackmun continued, “We’re a sports organization, and we’ll leave the diplomacy on the legal issues to the diplomats, and we’re not going to get involved.”