Huffington Post
April 30, 2012
This week, I'm watching and praying for the United Methodist Church as they meet in General Conference. Among all the issues, there are major decisions about whether lesbian and gay people can be married and serve as clergy. These deliberations are not new to me, or to the United Methodist Church. I pride myself on my United Methodist identity and heritage. My father and my grandfather were both United Methodist ministers. I was the proverbial "preacher's kid" as my father was a pastor to several congregations, District Superintendent (Supervisor of and Pastor to Pastors) and a Campus Minister at two historically black United Methodist Colleges. Early on, I avoided the idea of following my father into the ministry, but eventually relented to my own "call to ministry."
GLAAD is working on the ground to amplify the pro-LGBT United Methodist Voice. This op-ed was one way to show the church and the world that there are pro-LGBT United Methodists.