Tyler Seguin’s Twitter feed’s ‘queers and steers’ welcomes him to Texas

Yahoo! Sports
July 8, 2013

So this appeared on Tyler Seguin’s Twitter feed on Saturday night, before being hastily deleted:

"Only steers and queers in Texas and I'm not a cow." - @tylerseguin92

Seguin, you’ll recall, was traded to the Dallas Stars on July 4 in a seven-player trade with the Boston Bruins, after Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli infamously said that Seguin had to “commit to being a professional.”

The quote is a line from “Full Metal Jacket,” director Stanley Kubrick’s classic war film. As the Sgt. Hartman said to “Private Cowboy” after he revealed he was from Texas:

“Holy dog[expletive] Private Cowboy, only steers and queers come from Texas, Private Cowboy. And you don’t look like a steer, so that kind of narrows it down.”

And it gets sort of hilariously vulgar after that …