Huffington Post
January 9, 2013
Like many divorced couples, my ex and I tell very different stories of our break-up. Unlike many divorced former couples, both of us have published accounts of our divorce. Neither of our versions accuses the other of lying, but as you can see from the comments after my account, many people insist that I lied throughout my relationship -- because I'm transgender. Some say that I lied by living as a man, then broke my marital vows which, according to them, included the promise that I would live as a man for the rest of my life. Others say I lie by living as a woman when I was born and lived for 45 years as a man, and by portraying myself as loving and faithful to my family despite what they suffered as a result of my gender transition.

Joy Ladin, who wrote this Huffington Post article, was one of the transgender Jews highlighted on Transgender Awareness Week.