Eyewitness News
November 16, 2012
It has emerged that three men have been arrested for a year-old murder that has been linked to the deaths of seven other gay men in Gauteng. Last year, reports emerged in The Star newspaper indicating the deaths of eight gay men in Gauteng. The deaths appeared to be connected due to similarities in the way the men were killed. However, it was only last week that the police announced a common suspect in four of the crimes. Officials have now also revealed the possibility of a gang being responsible. Gauteng’s head of detectives, Major-General Norman Taioe, says the three men have been linked to at least one of the eight suspected serial murders. Officers are investigating their possible links to the other cases. Taioe says three people had been arrested in connection with one case. “We are still continuing to try and see whether we can link these people to other cases.” The trio is suspected of killing Orange Grove resident Barney van Heerden, who was found bound and murdered in his home in September last year.