WSET-13 (local ABC affiliate in Lynchburg, VA)
April 11, 2012
A local woman hopes to change a law in Virginia. Lori Wright is writing a bill that would revise the DMV's licensing process for transgender people.

Overall, this report is really well done. However, if you view the story on WSET's Web site, you'll notice that the headline is worded problematically. The word "transgender" is an adjective; it is incorrect - and can be considered demeaning - to use it as a noun. For more information on how to report transgender-related news stories in a fair, accurate and inclusive manner, please check out pages 8-11 of GLAAD's Media Reference Guide. We have reached out to WSET-13 reporter Melinda Zosh and anticipate that the headline will be revised on the station's Web site shortly.