April 15, 2013

A transgender woman is calling attention to her experience in the Chatham County Jail after being confined there for four nights. She says at times she was scared to death. While the county's chief deputy says all procedures in dealing with transgender individuals were followed, 38 year old Ashley Del Valle offers her own perspective. "I felt like I was being punished for who I was," she told us. Del Valle has been living as a woman for 20 years and legally changed her name in 2002. She is from Queens but came to Savannah with her cousin recently for a vacation. Early Sunday morning she was arrested by Savannah Chatham Metro Police for indecent exposure. A police report says her breasts were exposed. Del Valle disputes the claim. She says she was just wearing a sheer top and was having a great time one second and the next thing she knew she was being arrested. The police report also charges her with disorderly conduct for reportedly fighting with a police officer.

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