The Santa Cruz Sentinel
February 1, 2013

Whether they didn't know or didn't care, the fans who attended Wednesday night's Cabrillo College women's basketball game against Mission provided no reaction when Gabrielle Ludwig entered with 11:17 remaining in the first half. The Mission College center checked in as any other opposing player might, played the game as any other opposing player would, and was greeted by Cabrillo fans and others in attendance the same way they would greet any other player. There was no heckling. There was no stirring. And Ludwig, a transgender player who has been highlighted in seemingly hundreds of articles and stories since December, by such publications as the USA Today and the Associated Press, was very appreciative of that response. "I was told it was going to be a hostile crowd," said Ludwig, 51, following Wednesday's game, an 84-46 victory over Cabrillo that improved Mission to 6-0 in the Coast Conference South. "But this was by far the most respectful gymnasium."