FOX Charlotte
December 13, 2012

Charlotte-Mecklenburg is bucking the trend on hate crimes in North Carolina. New numbers from the FBI show while incidents are up statewide, they are down here in the Queen City. There were three race related hate crimes last year in Charlotte Mecklenburg, compared to six in 2010. Three were motivated by religion, down from five the year before. And one based on sexual orientation compared to two in 2010. Paige Dula has no regrets about her transition from man to woman. But, she and other transgender people say they receive resistance for their choice to change. "As rapidly as things change, human beings seem very averse to change when it comes to social situations," said the Concord resident. F.B.I. statistics show seven hate crimes in Charlotte Mecklenburg last year including one motivated by sexual orientation. That's a drop from 2010 when there were 13 crimes, including two motivated by sexual orientation. But, Roberta Dunn said those numbers are inaccurate. She is the vice chair of the LGBT Community Center of Charlotte, "Until you include everyone in there that's a minority, then you're not gonna get a full representation of what the hate crimes really are," Dunn said.