Gay Voices (The Huffington Post)
December 18, 2012

Back in 2009, we became part of an informal coalition of transgender and cisgender (i.e., non-transgender) students, faculty and staff from a number of institutions of higher education in Colorado called the Colorado Trans on Campus (CTOC) coalition. The group was originally convened by the Colorado Anti-Violence Program to bring together groups from different campuses to share resources, experience, and knowledge on issues that were impacting transgender and gender non-conforming individuals on campuses in our state. A number of the coalition members were student activists, staff from LGBTQ resource centers and staff from multicultural centers, and it was clear from discussions with the group that trans folks on campuses were experiencing a considerable amount of harassment, daily microaggressions, and barriers on their school campuses. Some of these experiences were with other students, some were in the classrooms, and some were with personnel -- faculty and staff -- employed by the universities. Further, transgender staff and faculty experienced many of the same negative experiences as transgender students.