National Center for Lesbian Rights
April 19, 2013


I, like all of you, have felt the heaviness borne of mindless violence and tragedy in the wake of the bombings in Boston. My birthday was April 15, and now that date will be remembered for yet another national horror. In the days since the attack, I can’t help but think about the very different world my kids are growing up in. Their reality of life in this country is shaped by far too many moments like the nightmare in Boston. Now we, like most every other family blessed with health, resources, and luck, know that our lives are more joy than pain and more light than dark. But still, I feel more than ever a commitment to doing all I can to make a small difference in the country my kids call home.

NCLR has always been a multi-issue organization, in part because we understand, as Audre Lorde put it, “There is no thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.” We know that because the LGBT community IS everywhere, our organization must be where our people are. We also know that a nation which withholds justice, fairness, and humanity from some will be a nation that is no friend to us. The juxtaposition of the Boston attack and movement in Congress on immigration reform provided our family with a teaching moment. While there may be terrible events that we cannot control, we can always strive to live out our ideals and values. This country has a chance to finally address and correct the inhumanity of our current immigration system, and in doing so, to make our nation a more humane and just place for so many who have suffered. In a historic moment full of possibility and promise for our country, the Senate late Tuesday night unveiled its proposed legislation for immigration reform. Many have pushed for years to align our current immigration laws with a more just, fair, and equitable system that honors the human rights of every person that seeks a better life in this country, and I am heartened that the Senate has taken a necessary first step in that direction. Yet so much more needs to be done.

The National Center for Lesbian Rights' executive director calls on Congress to keep the momentum going on immigration reform. Click here to see the statement of principles for immigration reform to which GLAAD, NCLR and other LGBT organizations have signed on.