The Huffington Post
November 1, 2012
If marriage is on the ballot in your state, chances are you've received a "personal appeal" from your bishop. Marriage equality, the letter says, doesn't reflect the church's concept of family. My letter to you makes a different personal appeal, asking you, on behalf of your gay and lesbian friends and family, to consider the notion that our faith actually supports the case for marriage equality and pro-equality candidates...When you bear witness to the love shared among loved ones of any orientation, warmth fills your heart. Imagine how wonderful you will feel come Nov. 7, knowing that you contributed to that joy for your son or daughter; your niece, nephew or cousin; your colleague or friend or neighbor. Your vote of "yes" on Question 1 in Maine, "yes" on Question 6 in Maryland, "yes" on Referendum 74 in Washington, or "no" on the Minnesota marriage amendment has the power to bring incredible happiness to your community. If this love doesn't educate your conscience, then I don't know what else could.

Conor Gaughan writes a letter to Catholic voters in the upcoming election, believing that their faith commitments and marriage equality are fundamentally compatible.  For more information about next week's vote, check out GLAAD's website.