The Advocate
December 14, 2012

Two teenagers were arrested Tuesday in connection with the Dec. 9 murder of a gay college student in Brazil, according to Campo Grande News and Gay Star News, which translated the Spanish language report into English. Lawrence Corrêa Biancão, a 20-year-old communications student who lived in the Southwestern Brazil city of Campo Grande, had been found dead, strangled with a seatbelt, with all of his belongings removed from the crime scene. The confession from the two teens arrested illuminates what may have happened during Biancão's final hours. According to Campo Grande News, the teens said they were motivated by homophobia. One boy apparently told police, "He wanted to kiss me and I wanted to kill him."  The police officer in charge of the investigation, Detective Wellington Oliveira, told reporters that the boys had planned to kill Biancão after meeting him two weeks prior at a local mall. He alleged that Biancão had flirted with him and then the two exchanged phone numbers. That same teen says he then told his alleged co-conspirator and they agreed they would kill him, rob him, dump his body, and drive the victim's stolen car out of the state.