Metro Weekly
January 25, 2013

In early May 2012, George Takei was driving along White Mountain Boulevard in Arizona, where he and his husband, Brad, own a getaway home. Cruising along, listening to the radio, an announcement jolted him: President Barack Obama was going to make a statement. On marriage equality. "I pulled over and parked, because I knew it would be a profoundly important statement," recalls Takei. "I immediately called Brad and told him, 'Turn on the radio! Turn on the radio!'" Takei -- who laughs warmly, easily, frequently -- chuckles over this minor mishap. "I'm of my generation," sighs the 75-year-old actor. "My first reaction was radio." He quickly amended his instructions to turn on the TV. What Brad saw -- and George heard on his car radio -- was a sitting president declare his support for same-sex marriage. It was a historic moment that did not go unappreciated by Takei.