November 2, 2012
The Supreme Court will decide at a private meeting on November 20 whether they will take California’s Prop. 8 case, and will announce the fate of marriage equality in the nation’s largest state on the Monday following Thanksgiving. At that same November 20 gathering, the nine judges will also decide whether to hear several challenges to the Defense of Marriage Act. The American Foundation for Equal Rights, the legal advocacy group that spearheaded the successful federal case against the ballot initiative that snatched marriage equality from California, announced on Monday that the justices will hold a private conference on Tuesday, November 20. There the judges will decide whether to hear a plethora of cases, including Hollingsworth v. Perry (the Prop. 8 case formerly known as Perry v. Brown) and numerous challenges to DOMA. It will take a four judge majority to decide whether the high court hears a specific case. The justices’ decisions are expected to be announced on November 26, the Monday following the Thanksgiving holiday.