ABC 7 Chicago
January 7, 2013

It's stalled in Springfield, but supporters of Illinois' gay marriage bill say they believe it will pass this week. Sunday, the archdiocese of Chicago used that platform to remind parishioners were the church stands. The General Assembly is being urged by the president to legalize gay marriage in Illinois. The executive committee voted 8-5 to send the bill to the Senate floor and some lawmakers have unveiled plans to take up the measure in these closing days of the current General Assembly. Supporters believe they have the votes to get their wish. Gay rights organizations held a rally outside the Thompson Center on Saturday as lawmakers were meeting inside to discuss pension reform. They encouraged people to push for the gay marriage bill to pass. "It's not fair, we deserve fairness and we deserve equality in this state," said Anthony Martinez, Civil Rights Agenda. But the archdiocese of Chicago is hoping lawmakers and residents think things through. A letter was given out to parishioners at Holy Name Cathedral Sunday morning said the church is not against gay relationships, but against gay marriage.